8 weeks ago I was in so much pain I thought I was losing my sanity. Medication was barely helping and I was desperate to find some sort of relief from the throbbing pain and ache in my right shoulder, neck and arm. Then I found Aedin at Momentum Physio. My first session I was sceptical that a physio could be of any use in relieving the nerve inpingement in my C6/C7 vertebrae, but after one session I felt the smallest relief and shift from the intense pain that I had been experiencing. After 2,3,4 visits in quick succession I was not exactly pain free, but so much better and able to concentrate again and go back to some sort of normal life.  Now, 2 months later and a few more sessions, I am almost pain free and am so thankful to have found Aedin right when I needed her most.  She’s not only a great physio, but she listens carefully, remembers things that I’ve told her and she also has a wicked sense of humour.  Thankyou so much
Vicci from Beaconsfield

Thanks to the friendly and professional staff at Momentum – Pilates is the highlight of my week. Each session has given me a very thorough workout with constant attention being given by the physio in charge. I have now been attending weekly classes for nearly 2 years and Luke can still find exercises to keep me enthused, entertained and moving. Tracey has grown her practice with determination and care, making sure all the staff, front desk included, contribute to the focused but relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Cheryl Oliver

I have no hesitation in recommending Momentum Physiotherapy & Pilates to everyone.  All the staff are friendly and knowledgable and I actually look forward to my Pilates sessions. It is reassuring having a professional advising you of your exercises and being there to ensure you are actually exercising correctly.
Warm regards,
Kerry Maloney

Less than two years ago I broke my back and pelvis in a car accident. I have gone from being in an indolent stupor to being a lean mean healthy machine. With the help of Tracey and Luke I’ve come back almost full circle to my very active lifestyle. All thanks goes to everyone at Momentum who, without fail, have turned the arduous duty of rehabilitation into a laughing hoot.
Brooke Action, Minister

After many years of suffering a bulging disc I needed a laminectomy/discectomy in May 2009.  I spent the next 6 weeks lying on my back and only able to get up for a short time.  2 months after my operation I started physiotherapy treatment at Momentum Physio and then a pilates programme.  6 months later I was back doing what I enjoy surfing and yoga.
I am still doing pilates and together with my yoga this enables me to keeping surfing at 55.
Peter Wyburn

Momentum Physio and Pilates has provided me with excellent clinical and practical support to deal with my lower back problem and to improve my core strength.  The most important outcome has been a  significant reduction in referred pain from my spine.  I really appreciate the flexibility of the pilates sessions, the careful supervision and the friendly and professional team.
Thank you,

Momentum’s Pilates program was recommended to me by my GP following a painful recurrence of a lower back problem.  Following an initial assessment by Luke and subsequent sessions with Emma I have avoided a severe recurrence of the injury and any minor problems which occur unexpectedly during the course of my everyday activities are quickly resolved.  This is due to the professional skill and attention shown to me and the encouragement and empathy I have received during the sessions.
In addition to managing my spinal issues I have also gained greater strength, and improved balance and posture which have enhanced my overall well being and quality of life.
Richard Browne

Two years ago I had back surgery and expected that the movement and flexibility I enjoyed would be lost for ever.  Six months before surgery I started going to Momentum Physio (I was in denial that I really needed the surgery).  Although I had let my back go too far before I started Pilates it did however strengthen my core muscles for the inevitable and assist in my recovery.
Once I had the “all clear” from the Surgeon I was right back into Pilates twice a week, which I have been doing for two years.  I now have all my mobility back and can even touch my toes again, something I didn’t think would ever be possible.  It is reassuring knowing that you are exercising under the watchful eye of a qualified Physio.  They are always making sure you are in the correct position for each exercise.
All the staff at Momentum, from the Receptionists to the Physios are friendly, caring people.  They are genuinely interested in how you are feeling and making sure you have no niggling pain.  If you happen to have any aches and pains they modify your Pilates session to assist in helping recover quickly.  I look forward to my twice weekly Pilates sessions, exercising while having fun and a laugh, how good is that!

It’s my 5 year anniversary today.  I made a note on my calendar 5 years ago when I started to see if this was just going to be a “flash in the pan” or whether I would stick at it. Well, I love Momentum Physiotherapy that much that I have stuck with it this long, turning up once a week on a Thursday.
All the staff at Momentum are wonderful people who I now consider my friends. I love that there is only 5 people to a class and that it is taken by a fully qualified physiotherapist/pilates instructor so that they make sure when I am doing the exercises, that I have the right posture before I even start so that I do not do any damage to myself.  I have a laugh every week when I go because my class has had the same people in it for approximately 4 years now, most of whom have been my therapists.  We probably talk too much but that’s just us/me.
I have no reservations in recommending Momentum Physiotherapy to everyone as I have already told most of my friends anyway.
Mrs Melissa Kouzinas

Whether you suffer from chronic  muscular pain, have a particular  problem that needs physio attention or simply want to keep the body fit and limbered up, Momentum is the place for you!
You could not hope to find a friendlier or more fun professional place to give you the necessary treatment and ongoing exercises, specifically designed to your needs. These can and really should be practiced at Momentum within a small group, under their guidance and on their up to date machinery.
I have been attending Momentum for the last four and half years and as well as enjoying a work out that benefits the body and helps encourage correct postures by strengthening under-used muscles you will get to know many new people and make wonderful friends.
Behind it all course is the manager and her staff who are not only excellent, efficient and accommodating but have a great sense of humour! I wholeheartedly recommend joining Momentum not in a few weeks time but now.
Best wishes,

I just wanted to let you know that I have appreciated it very much the way in which you have helped and looked after me from the time I came in to have an appraisal and to see what I could do to make myself better.
I came in to Momentum Physiotherapy & Pilates from my doctor’s with a tear in my hip/leg area, I  had got to the point of having to give up walking, dancing, and all other activities. I couldn’t even walk up the stairs at work.
I found Momentum by driving past one Saturday morning and then going in to see and ask what it was all about.
I was very impressed that Saturday morning with refreshing, friendly and informative service.  I booked in for an appraisal and my first class.  Very professional and very thorough – thank you Brenda.
I can say with all honesty and sincerity that I have not looked back since then.  I am so very happy and now only after a month or so of attending classes twice a week I am now back walking regularly, back dancing 2-3 times a week, back in the pool and riding my bike and doing some exercises at home.
My body feels brand new and  is being adjusted and aligned, I feel that every muscle is being woken up/refreshed and some muscles I guess I never knew I had or used have been woken and it is helping me tremendously.
If I had one wish and it was to be granted – I would wish that “everyone could do clinical pilates/physiotherapy”.